How different would your recruitment business look if you could 2X, 5X ...or even 10X your number of inbound client leads and sales?

We design, build and manage online lead generation systems that automate and increase the flow of laser-focused traffic, leads and sales directly into your recruitment business

What's an online lead generation system?  

An automated lead generation system (also known as a sales funnel) consists of a series of social media adverts, educational content, email communication, and sales presentations, all sequenced together with one purpose in automatically generate new leads and clients into your recruitment business.

Ready to put your marketing and lead generation activity on autopilot so that you can focus on what you do best?  

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The ideal client journey in recruitment

The ‘Client Acquisition Retention System 3.0’ is a framework we designed at Recruitment Marketing Machine to give you a system of Attracting new people into your business, a system to Ascend those leads into fee paying clients, and a system of Amazing those clients once you have them!

The first system we will create in your business the ATTRACT system, which has three components:

Targeting: to get targeted leads, it's essential to know who your 'dream client' is - who they are, what their pains points are and how to speak to and sell to them.

Traffic: we'll identify all the places where you can go and find your ideal targets and we'll put things in place to make sure that we don't lose them just because they’re 'not ready to move forward immediately'. 

Lead Magnet: We'll create a lead magnet for your business that has a lot of value for your target client. And we’re going to offer that to them in exchange for them giving you their contact information. 

Next we'll build the ASCEND SYSTEM into your business.

We'll create an automatic follow up programme which will include communications such as emails, phone calls and SMS text messaging - the goal of all of this is to create interactions that work like clockwork so that you know that EVERY new lead that comes in is getting the consistent follow up that they need to ascend into becoming your fee paying client. 

And if they're just not ready to buy just yet? We’ll continue to stay in touch with these people over time in a longer term nurture programme. 

Now what are we going to do for all the new clients? Well we want to make sure that every single brand new client that comes into your recruitment business is wowed! So finally we create you an AMAZE SYSTEM!

We’re going to ‘lay the love on thick’ and have a series of automated follow ups that go out, such as onboarding, surveys and consultancy. 

Now all of this obviously is going to create a client who spends more, and buys more often but we can also put systems in place that will help you collect more testimonials and referrals. Because that's one of the main elements of the AMAZE SYSTEM - gaining client referrals.

What Our Clients Say

""As a direct result of the funnel you put in place for me, I made 2 sales in 2 days!" Graham Martin, MD Orchard Recruitment"

- Graham Martin, Orchard Recruitment

""I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. This has totally exceeded my expectations and has made a huge, huge difference to my business: THANK YOU!!! :-)""

- Nicolas Greppo, Silicon Executive Search

Recruitment Marketing Machine is founded and led by recruitment industry expert Roy Ripper. 

Roy is the author of the #1 best-selling Amazon book ‘Recruitment Blueprint’, creator of video podcast ‘Recruiters Live Lounge’ and recognised as one of the most charismatic and widely-followed experts in the worldwide recruitment industry. For more than 30 years Roy’s passion has been to inspire personal &&business growth and to transform the careers and businesses of recruiters worldwide through his books, podcasts, DVDs, online training products, live events and personal coaching.  

Digital marketing is a personal passion of Roy's and he's excited to now combine his knowledge of recruitment and marketing to provide a consistent lead generation solution so that recruitment businesses worldwide can scale reliably and predicatably. 

"We're not only digital marketing experts, but we know recruitment inside and out too - I've personally built 3 successful recruitment businesses . I can't wait to see the impact we can make with this full service lead generation solution so that recruitment business owners worldwide can scale their businesses predictably and reliably." Roy Ripper